The Kubota U17 is perfect for those tighter entry jobs where you require just a bit more digging power than the TB210R. This machine is available for just £57.00 or a discounted weekly price of £228.00 

With a bigger operating area, this machine is a much more comfortable option than its opposition of the TB210R or the U10-5. Being just a bit bigger, it allows for a full canopy and full sized tracking levers. The machine measures at just under a metre wide!

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MODEL U17-3a
Machine Weight 1575 (kg)
Power 15.1 (hp)
Max Speed 2.1 / 4.1 (km/h)
Max Dig Depth 2300(mm)
Max Reach 3550 (mm)
Overall Width 990 / 1240 (mm)
Transport Height 2340 (mm)