A clay core bund is a natural flood defence method which requires us to build a barrier out of clay in a shallow U-shape with pipes going through the bund at varying levels, the bunds create a pool of water which is slowly released to drastically reduce the flow of the water, these can vary in size depending on the amount of water they are expected to hold back. We believe a Clay Core Bund was the right choice for this style of landscape.


     On the Tattenhall site we installed 3 Clay  Core Bunds with controlled outlet pipes positioned at varying levels in the bunds, this was to holding water back in the landscape. We used approximately 200 tonnes of locally sources clay to build up the bunds with a layer top soil over the top to provide a base for sowing grass seed, the crest of the bunds had intentionally low spots to allow for over topping, we used a layer of seed impregnated erosion mats to encourage the grass growth on the bunds. 


     Running next to the field there is a brook that over the years had became filled with silt, we were tasked with clearing out the brook and we installed a controlled deflection barrier across the brook which in storm conditions would direct water onto the fields and into the Clay Core Bunds to influence the water to pool behind the bunds.


In order to preserve the entrance to the field and prevent our road vehicles from getting stuck we used our TuffTraks to create a causeway for deliveries of materials, machinery and clay,