Back in 2019, we started our plantation, with the goal of growing various types of trees for different purposes. In 2020, we had planted a significant number of trees, laying the foundation for our future endeavors.

As we moved into 2021, we recognized the potential for diversifying our plantation and decided to quadruple our total tree count. This decision stemmed from the realization that we could cultivate trees specifically for our Natural Flood Management projects, which would not only reduce costs but also contribute to our environmental efforts.

Moving into 2022, our plans included planting willow trees around our existing plantation. This strategic move aimed to reduce our carbon footprint, aligning with our mission statement of planting two trees for every one we cut down. By doing so, we hoped to offset our carbon emissions and bring us, as well as the construction industry as a whole, one step closer to achieving carbon neutrality.

Our commitment to sustainable practices drove us to explore ways to minimize our environmental impact while meeting the demands of our various projects. The diversification of our tree plantation not only provided a reliable source of resources but also served as a testament to our dedication to creating a greener future.