At our forestry site, we offer a diverse range of services focused on sustainable tree work and forest management. While our primary focus remains on groundworks and plant hire, specializing in natural flood management, we aim to actively engage in supporting local forests through tree management practices.

One aspect of our approach involves sourcing woodlands that contain low-grade timber. By identifying these areas, we can harvest trees for a better financial return while ensuring sustainable forestry practices. For every tree harvested, we commit to replanting two trees either in the source woodland, or in our own tree farm, see Ecological Projects, fostering the regeneration of forest ecosystems. During our replanting efforts, we prioritize the use of native slow-growing species or faster-growing trees like willow, which offer unique advantages.

Willow, for instance, can be harvested and utilized fresh, before the sap dries out, making it an ideal material for constructing structures such as log jams. These log jams serve as controlled deflection barriers, effectively slowing down and redirecting water flow during flood events. Additionally, willow also has the remarkable ability to continue growing even after being harvested, ensuring its longevity and sustainability within flood management projects.

Furthermore, we recognize the value of utilizing fresh willow stakes as an alternative to imported tanalized softwood. These stakes not only provide structural support but also offer increased durability due to their ability to continue growing. By prioritizing locally sourced materials like fresh willow, we contribute to the sustainability of our projects while minimizing environmental impact.

In these operations, we also leverage the unique properties of species like Silver Birch. While Silver Birch is known for its quick decaying nature, it offers distinct benefits when utilized in conjunction with other wood species. In their decayed state, Silver Birch can retain water longer, further aiding in the slowing of water flow within flood management structures.

Throughout all our forestry endeavors, we uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship, working closely with landowners, conservation organizations, and regulatory agencies to ensure high standards are met. By integrating innovative techniques and expertise, we strive to make a lasting positive impact on the landscapes we serve, fostering resilience in ecosystems for generations to come.